Monday, May 31, 2010

The Last Stand of the Spartans

Did you know?:That the king of the Spartans name was king Leonidas. He was in the last stand of the Spartans against the Persians.

Did you know?:That the Persians tried to take over Greeks,the Greeks put away their differences and fought together against their enemy the Persians. The Spartans,Athenian,and Thermapalis teamed up against the strongest empire at the time. They were no doubt outnumbered by the Persians by thousands. The battle even went onto sea terrain with the Athenian warships that looked like Viking ships but without the dragon head. Even on sea, they were outnumbered by thousands. Their strategy was to ram into the side of the Persian ships to sink them in the sea battle.

Did you know?:That the Spartans had the strategy of using a cliff side as their last stand because it is hard for the Persians to take over the cliff, but easier for the Spartans because of their strategy. The sea battle strategy probably garenteed the Spartans' victory even if the Persians had more men. Soon they marched up to get the rest of them out of their land by threatening them with force of power not words. Soon their king got killed and the Persians got killed or moved out.
In the big victory the Spartans won because of their weopons and armour, their training, their strategy, the terrain, and the goodwill of defending their homeland.


  1. The Battle of Thermopylae is indeed a very famous battle. It is interesting to think what the human spirit is capable of when pushed to its limits. It is definitely a David and Goliath story!

  2. Good job!!!!!
    I did not know any of that information i did not know thhat they used a cliff!!

  3. i dient know that there kings name was leonidas thats actully very interesting.that is very interesting and the part you told about the dragon head was very cool you tought me alot about the spartens and i really liked your infomation
    from lauren